The cocktail clothing is simple and would expose the shoulders

And then darkness set in and guests began to arrive and Jenny’s table came alive. It was breathtaking! The shower curtains stood out against colorful, red patterned plates with red candles running down the center of the table and bright flowers in small clear glass in front of each of the eighteen place settings. The aroma of Mrs.

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6) Who did the ‘Ashtagani Marg’ for the end of human suffering? Answer: Gautam Buddha

7) Where are the remains of the capital of Vijayanagar state?

Answers from Hampi

8) Tell us what kind of game related to Battal Is it?

Answer: Sir, it is related to hockey

9) Which is the world’s largest island?

off – Greenland

1 0) Which river reached Sikandar in India?

North – Vyas

11 Which year did China invade India in the sixth decade of last century?

Answer: 1962

12) Tell us who was the first woman ruler of India?

Answer – Sir, Razia Sultan

13) Who is called marginal Gandhi?

Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

14) Which area of ​​India was formerly known as Avantika in ancient times?

North – Malwa

15) India and Chi When did the Panchsheel agreement occur?

Answer: 28 June 1954



1) Who is the singer of song Govind?

Answers – Jayadev

2). GooglyWhat word is related to the terminology?


3) ‘Black Hall theory’ by whom?


4) What year was set up ‘International Mobile Satellite Organization’?

5) Which hills are between Narmada and Tapti rivers?

North – Hills of Satpura

6) Where is the good yield of coffee in India?

Answers in Karnataka – 7) Which country was the first solar panel road in the world?

Which is the tallest mountain peak of Uttarakhand?

Answers – Nanda Devi

9) Which is the world’s largest industrialized country?

North – Singapore

10) Which tribe is the prevalence of season migration?

Answer – Bhutia

11). Which element is present in bleaching powder?

Answer – Chlorine

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