Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Jesus demonstrates various powers,

All Men Are Perverts: Sid. He moans about not having nights of passion with his wife, and doesn’t hold back when Valeria gives him an opportunity. Ambiguously Gay: Slobatham, according to Albert (see the quote in Disguised in Drag). Animal Assassin: A snake is dropped into the heroes’ bed. Sid shoots it dead, freaking Albert out. Awful Wedded Life: All the scenes that Sid and Emily Bung are in contain them arguing and/or fighting. Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Sid has a lot of these.

Celine Replica handbags Loophole Abuse: Fish can’t carry a firearm due to being on parole. So he carries a type of pellet gun around with him. Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Jesus demonstrates various powers, such as turning water into cognac or destroying a lock with his bare hands, but it isn’t clear whether he’s actually Jesus or some kind of con man and/or crazy. The other characters are split on whether he’s really Jesus. Regardless of whether or not hes really Jesus, the man has some power. He brought Tray and later Vic back from the dead when they were shocked and fell off the roof of Vic’s apartment complex. Mr. Fanservice: Fish becomes this in season 2 which he and Ms. Tudi use to their advantage. Obliviously Evil: While Vic is definitely a unrepentant Jerkass he does genuinely believe Jesus is a con man leeching off his friends and feels he’s doing the right thing by getting Jesus off the streets. One Head Taller: Jesus (Whose actor is 6’7) towers over pretty much everyone around him. Only Known by Their Nickname: Boonie’s real name is Dabund Johnson. Running Gag: Literally, the horses from The Shit Heist. Slapstick Knows No Gender: Mags seems to catch comical beatdowns almost once every episode. Toxic Friend Influence: Ms. Tudi which she Lampshades by saying if she wasn’t she wouldn’t need Jesus. Ungrateful Bastard: After saving him from losing his job, saving his rep and getting him out of the almost permanent Lloyd induced drunken stupor he’s in, Vic gets the city to serve the garden an eviction notice. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Cheap Empathy Pet: Mikono has Shu Shu, her Head Pet. She talks to it like she would to another human, and it even makes heart shapes with its wings in Episode 3, showing that Mikono has indeed accepted Amata’s apology. The Empath: Cayenne’s currently known Element power is apparently psychic vision onto other people, usually Mikono. Endangered Species: Turns out Altair has zero population growth rate Jin as the Last of His Kind is thus scrambling to find suitable humans to repopulate the entire race. Celine Cheap

replica celine bags Only Sane Man: Graham is the most aware of how stupid the camp is. Rape and Switch: Discussed, but averted the True Directions staff believe that being molested would cause a girl to turn into a lesbian, but the girl in question is actually straight. Refuge in Audacity: The film takes ex gay camps and makes them look as fluffy and inane as possible while playing up every gay stereotype in American culture to ensure that viewers get the message. “Shut Up” Kiss: Megan and Graham’s first kiss. Situational Sexuality: Hilary cites attendance at an all girls boarding school as causing her lesbianism and Dolph claims that he turned gay from too many locker room showers. Of course, it’s made clear these explanations make no sense. Sour Prudes: Graham sees Megan as this initially, but the truth is a lot more complicated. Smoking Is Cool: Graham smokes as part of her Bad Girl image. Staging an Intervention: Megan’s family has an intervention to tell her that she’s a lesbian and to send her off to anti Celine Replica gay camp. Strawman Political: The ex gay counselors. Straight Gay: Larry, although his brief fight with his boyfriend had him acting less than manly. Otherwise, he almost looks like a survivalist. Dolph is a smaller example of one, being a varsity wrestler. Teacher’s Pet: Although the movie isn’t set at school, Hilary fits the personality type and seems to act as one towards the counsellors. The last thing I need right now is some fruit who’s just proved he’s straight telling my ass how sexy I am replica celine bags.