For taking notes or sharing information between a small group

If you prefer either Evolution or Kontact, they include note scribbling features under their “notes” section. For taking notes or sharing information between a small group, Chandler is great software to install. Basket is a KDE program (and can be used in Gnome) and is very similar to (or better than) Microsoft Onenote..

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Women’s Swimwear “What an incredible adventure,” Bezos posted on his website from onboard his recovery ship off the Florida coast.”We found so much,” the billionaire adventurer says. “We’ve seen an underwater wonderland an incredible sculpture garden of twisted F 1 engines that tells the story of a fiery and violent end, one that serves testament to the Apollo program.”NASA restores communication with International Space StationNASA restored communication with the International Space Station on Tuesday after connections went dark following a routine computer software update.Before the fix, the space agency said the craft was able to communicate only every 90 minutes when it passed over ground stations in the same way they used to do it in the 1960s, with Gemini and Apollo, NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said.The station, which is carrying two American astronauts, three Russian cosmonauts and a Canadian astronaut, did not appear to be in danger.In the future, scientists want to be able to send spacecraft to study asteroids such as the one that will approach the Earth on Friday. A concept for these landers may look familiar to anyone who grew up in the 1970s.Egg shaped and weighted at the bottom, the landers prototype designs for a possible future NASA mission look like roly poly Weebles, which wobble, as the old jingle goes, but don’t fall down.The craft are still only computer simulations, a decade away from being ready to launch, but their simple design overcomes some of the biggest challenges in exploring asteroids’ alien landscapes.Planetary scientists Naor Movshovitz and Erik Asphaug designed the landers, which they call “pods.” NASA’s Near Earth Object Program funded their work, which grew out of Movshovitz’s doctoral research on deflecting asteroids from Earth’s orbit. Women’s Swimwear

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