And that’s fair enough too because it is a much younger bench

Mayo’s bench has improved, there is no doubt about that, but do they make enough of an impact in scoring terms?Players like Paddy Durcan, who may well start, Conor Loftus and Stephen Coen have all came on with good effect in games this year but while they work hard they don’t have the same scoring prowess as Dublin.And that’s fair enough too because it is a much younger bench and the Dublin subs are former All Stars and Footballers of the Year. It is not easy to match that.But Mayo will have to. And the truth is they must be ahead coming down the final straight because Dublin have the firepower to keep raising flags right until the final whistle.Diarmuid Connolly of Dublin may not startPeople are speculating that Diarmuid Connolly may not start this game.If Diarmuid has been putting down a marker in training over the past three weeks, and he looks to be in peak condition, physically, I would start him.I don’t see how you could go to war with a player like him on the bench.Fine, it would give the place some lift if the Dublin fans stood to roar him coming on as a sub but if I was Jim Gavin I would go with Diarmuid from the off.And that would tie up Lee Keegan as well.

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